The Beginnings of an American (Sexual) Revolution and Its Outcome


Pornography, defined as the exploitation of human sexuality for profit motives, is so mainstream nowadays that it is not even regarded as avant garde anymore. Instead, pornography is regarded as a pleasurable activity and, indeed, it can be by gratifying the senses.

There is, however, another side to pornography that many ignore, or rather choose to ignore, under the assumption that pornography leaves behind no victims. Are there social implications to pornography? What is the role of the entertainment and hospitality industries in pornography? If it is only a matter of sex and pleasure, why should we be concerned with pornography? Shouldn’t we be even more concerned about those who are seeking to restrict our cherished freedom of speech?

These three chapters are intimately related to the topic of pornography. They are meant to be read in sequential order to better grasp the cultural origins of pornography and its contemporary social consequences.